About Us - Organeek

Our Objective

Established in Hyderabad, Organeek is conceptualized with a mission to promote the significance of organic products that are grown using natural and earth-friendly agricultural practices and create healthy, wholesome communities by delivering these products of the finest quality and purity in all accounts to the consumers directly from the lap of Mother Nature.

The Significance Of Organic Products

The benefits of Organic Products grown using environmentally-friendly farming methods cannot be exaggerated. Here are some important features of our products that make them ideal for consumer’s health as well as for the health of the soil on which they are grown.

All the products we offer are grown without the use of any pesticide, herbicides, insecticides, or fumigation. They are as natural as they can get.

Organic foods that are grown on chemical-free soil carry more nutritional properties while retaining the maximum natural flavour which the consumers can enjoy till the very last bite or tasting.

The food products we deliver are not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or any synthetic food additives. Our packing is eco-friendly leaving the least possible carbon footprint and retains the freshness and purity of the highest levels at the time of delivery

Our Quest – To Be The Best

We leave no stone unturned in ensuring the organic products you receive from us are of the highest standards with thorough quality checks, hygienic packing, and seamless delivery. We are on a quest to help people lead healthier lives by using products created using sustainable methods that not only benefit the consumers, but also the soil and the farmers. And, we at Organeek, are committed to deliver only the best.

Supporting Local Farmers

There is no denying that we are forever indebted to the farmers who are completely dedicated to implementing natural and sustaining agricultural practises to deliver the healthiest and purest form of products we consume and utilize. We, at Organeek, not only respect and salute their efforts but also pledge to enhance their quality of life by supporting them with opportunities to prosper and lead the kind of future they deserve.


NATURE CRAFT is awarded the EMERGING SME of Telangana by THE TALK – BIG IDEAS and Govt. of Telangana on 6th March, 2019 at the Westin Hotel.